How  a IDEA become a SHOP?

SS is a young woman that had a experience in her life very hard to overcome. Art and Painting helped her to remember who she was, and

first t-shirt she did, was deep believe in her mind and soul, was Hope Faith And Love at Christmas in 2016 @ Crisis Christmas, a charity that helps homelss.  When she was facing homeless and despise by her family because of a situation happened to her, nov 2015.

She said ” I had only two things: faith and my calling”.

Attending her calling, to speak about truth she believe and kept her alive, she dranw and paint five t-shirts using own 3 designers which she gave to friends and kept one for her, all messages spoke about: faith hope and love.

Words in red, another one, a heart and smile face & Painting ink Raining and words mixed Hope Faith Love: She gave it as Donation to Marylebone Project help woman.

Own her IMAGES


After 6 months, she was still drawing and writing messages in white t-shirts with black pen, also at hats; after she found out 1 day workshop for painting bags. The idea was there, art, love, creativity, words of truth but still was not idea for business, until more and more people started to ask her, where to buy?

She realized, she could use her art and passion with creativity to  reach others hearts, not only with Jesus loves but also words of truth can make people think and get transformed with WORDS, as style life in clothing or products.

She made step ahead in October 2017:

This shop is created to speak about truths that can keep others Alive and with Hope to see a different future. If  you believe or not, powerfully, I saw signs through my faith that guide me a way which it was perfect to accomplish my purpose. In my impossibility, less than 3 months I could put online as blog…In Dec 2017, I had a blog but not a shop online. Exactly one year after my 1st drawing, t-shirts became a piece of a dream. A Word became touchable.”

I believe deeply that the word you speak, you say, you think, can become in flesh, I meant, real, physically.

In the end of 2017, she had a chance to have progression coach, and decided to develop a business plan. Living in a hostel, with english as forgeneir, she starts to research about shop, material etc…the passion of paiting became passion to have drawing every product. She develop drawings with heart during night that she didnt sleep. In one month she drawned 40 designers…” i couldnt stop” she said ” it was so good to be alone and this time with a safe place. Drwaing, reading and art helped my heart in pieces be together” 

In april 2018 – APPLICATION


In july 2018 –  1 st stall

In DEC 2018 2nd stall

  • Dont give up when you are stolen

2019 A new year, a new step of courage

Stall in March 2019

Stall in May 2019

October 2019 – GRANTED 2!

Bazar 1 2019