A shop with purposes!!!

Shop DJS is an online shop that works to develop designers focussing on Love, Hope and Courage messages for adults and the new generation of teenagers and children, who have a loving and thoughtful lifestyle. We offer a range of Clothing in different brands- each brand has a different purpose. Have a look and see which one you like more. All of the Products with life-affirming messages:

Brand Love Life: a brand committed with green people & loves to dress well doing good. 50% goes to homeless project LOVE life Project HOmeless.

You can choose messages you want to spread the love, wearing a organic material & your money can help the poor! 😉 You can also buy a gift to someone else to express your love.

Love never fails.

Love is patient and kind.

Love perseveres.

Loves waits, trusts.

Do not take revenge!

Forgive. Give. Be.

Brand JS. ( messages of faith)

Your are my strenght.

If you have any comments or suggestions for other messages on t-shirts, send them to us and we will create a new design for you and our other customers. Click here to CONTACT US.

This shop started to be buidling up in 2018, after CEO faced homeless and rejection. Read OUR BLOG.

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